For those that do not know, Equipment Mods are being removed and a new system called Augments is being implemented on Wednesday July 18th. During the transition, you will basically be given Augments and new exobytes to level them to make you equivalent to your current stats, they said most will actually be higher than current. They work similar to Artifacts as they will grow with you. They will also have content specific Augments, that you can swap out and they give bonuses during content. Augments also do not use your inventory space, they have their own inventory that is unlimited. Exobytes still will use your inventory but they will be different than before.

Any exobytes or other crafting material you have stockpiled can be used in your Augments. One main thing is if you have any EXCEPTION RECOVERY KITS, use them to extract the exobytes from a mod before Wednesday, July 18th. The EXCEPTION RECOVERY KITS will become obsolete and will only award 20 item experience towards an augment, but if you extract the exobytes with it, you will get anywhere from 10-20 exobytes, each worth 20 item experience. Now, if you have a TOTAL RECOVERY KIT, SAVE IT!!!!!!! The TOTAL RECOVERY KITS will become exobyte boosters, which will boost the exobytes you are using on augments but will take one of the 5 spots during leveling. Recipes that remain on the crafting table will be changed and require the new exobytes that drop. From what they are saying, all current materials used for crafting will be obsolete and you will be able to use it to level your augments, but they will only give 20 item experience per so a stack of 99 exobytes will give you 1980 experience towards the augment.

Hoping this new system, which should be easier and require less crafting and free up a lot of bank space, bring people back as league night has been a low turnout for a while now.