Welcome to the Justice Knights and OMEN 

The Justice Knights (Hero) and OMEN (Villain) are premier leagues in DC Universe Online (US).  We are an organized community, that was formed since launch (January 11, 2011).

Unlike most groups in this universe that just want you to join to increase the roster, our main directive is to build a community first.  This is mainly a PVE along with Casual mature gaming league, but we do occasional PVP.  

Justice Knights / OMEN Membership Information:

All potential recruits are required to apply.  By applying, you are making the statement that you are serious in joining us.  Plus, if approved, this is a great way to stay connected even when outside the game.  To apply, select the "Registration" button at the top menu and click "Join", or click here.

Requirements:  We consider any role and any level. Our only main requirement for acceptance into the league is an original name. We are looking for names that will proudly represent the league.  See the application for more regarding the details.

Please allow us some time to review the application.  We will always have some questions for you in which you should be notified by email when we comment on your application.  You may also ask questions for us on your application.  We will cancel or reject applications that have inactivity after a few days, so be sure to respond. 

If approved, you will gain a probationary Rank 5 (Squire or Rogue) access.  

We hope you enjoy your stay and visit the site frequently.

Live like Heroes, Lead with Honor.

- Justice Knights