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The JK Collections Database is now available. Follow that link and you will find a spreadsheet listing all of the Collections in the DCUO game. This list is meant as a reference to help members gather collection rewards and assist them in selling spares.

I have a hidden copy of the database that can be restored if necessary.

The database has the following columns:
_A _ ITEM : name of the Collection Item
_B _ LOW : lowest recorded sale price on the Broker
_C _ AVERAGE : average of high & low recorded sale prices
_D _ HIGH : highest recorded sale price on the Broker
_E _ DATE : date of the last recorded high or low price
--F _ COLLECTION : name of the Collection the Item is from
_G _ # : number the Item appears in the Collection's order
_H _ CITY : the City where the Item can be found
DI--_ ZONE : the Zone where the Item can be found
DJ__ REWARD : the Reward gained when Collection is completed

Note: Columns B, C, D are not perfect estimations of a Collection Item's value. As you know, prices for Collection items vary wildly on the broker from day-to-day. The Low/Average/High columns are there to give you an example of the possible value, to assist you in waiting for a good low price for items you wish to buy, or to decide what a good sell price could be if there are none listed on the market at the time.

Feel free to update the Low and High sale prices that you find on the Broker. Ridiculously high sale prices listed on the Broker should be ignored. Most of the data was copied from the website. When new Collections are added to the game I will update the spreadsheet.

Hope it Helps! :thumb:
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194 posts
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I have added collections to the database that are found in Gotham Wastelands, as part of the Sons Of Trigon DLC.

If you are trying to gain base amenities, the videos in the New Home Turf Collections thread show some of the collection spawn locations. The JK MAPS thread has maps detailing many more collection spawn locations around Gotham, Metropolis and Central City.
Posted Jan 24, 14 · OP · Last edited Jan 24, 14
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